The End is Near: Doomsday Economy

By on July 11, 2012

In a time of apocalyptic predictions, where many believe that a major catastrophic event can happen any second, the demand for certain products has risen to a level that amazes even suppliers themselves. Shelter builders, survival kit makers, movie producers, gun manufacturers, and power generator suppliers are some of the main business sectors that are making the most out of the current “doomsday economy”.

As millions of “preppers” get ready for a potential end-of-the-world scenario, the possibilities for profit seem vast. Preppers are stocking up on supplies like water, communication devices, non-perishable food, batteries, and generators to name a few. In addition, some have gone as far as spending hundreds of thousands of dollars building special shelters or bunkers that could withstand even a nuclear holocaust.

Doomsday Economy Infographic

Real Estate Market

Doomsday-related housing providers have been able to generate profits even in the overall low state of the real estate market.

  • Luxury condominiums. There are several condominium projects available for preppers that want to survive a doomsday event in luxury. Currently, there are survival condominiums being sold in Kansas for $1,750,000 built out of abandoned missile silos.
  • Community shelters. People can buy shares at underground survival communities like Vivos and withstand a doomsday event within the comfort and protection of a small shelter network.
  • Bunkers. Bunker and shelter builders such as Radius Engineering have made millions designing and building doomsday housing units.

Survival Kit Manufacturers

Makers of survival kits have increased sales in the past decade. For example, 3M, who manufactures respirator masks suggested by the Red Cross emergency kit, has seen its stock price double since 2009.

Gun Sellers

The gun industry has benefitted from increase firearm sales, as people want to feel safe in case of a disaster event. Based on information related to background checks for gun permits, Americans have requested these permits 700% more than in 2005.

Entertainment Industry

Book publishers, movie, and TV producers have captivated audiences and fans with doomsday stories. Worldwide audiences simply love doomsday-related entertainment.

  • Movies. Doomsday movies have grossed billions of dollars in the past decade alone with movies like Armageddon, Independence Day, Waterworld, I am Legend, Planet of the Apes, amongst others.
  • Books. Books with information and stories about potential catastrophes are a big hit among reading fans. A search for “survival books” in Amazon yields over 46,000 results.
  • TV shows.  TV series interest Americans with doomsday related stories like “The Walking Dead” and “Doomsday Preppers,” to name a few.

We’ve had plenty of failed doomsday predictions, like the Mormon Armageddon, Halley’s comet theories, Heaven’s Gate, Nostradamus prophecies, and the Y2K event. Now, millions are waiting for the Mayan Calendar prediction of December 21, 2012. Although we can pretty much be certain that nothing will actually happen, the doomsday industry will keep booming as long as the end of the world remains a hot topic in popular culture.

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